Face Treatments

Injectable Face Treatments

  1. Dermal fillers hyaluronic acid
  2. RRS Airbrush gentle dermal filling
  3. Collagen stimulating dermal fillers
  4. Botulinum toxin
  5. Botulinum toxin for teeth grinding

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Injectable Face Treatments

Injecting a product or medicine means that the product or medicine is placed exactly where it is needed. The results are almost immediate. The injection is very pure so that systemic side effects are rare and the dosage can be kept very low – to an absolute necessity. Only Doctors and Prescribing Nurses should be providing these treatments.

1. Dermal fillers – hyaluronic acid

For example – Juvederm, Teosyal, Art Filler, lip soft, Juvederm Voluma, Artfiller lipsoft, Kiss

Treatment time – 30 minutes


Volume loss, tired look, sagging face, wrinkles, indented cheeks.


  1. Replaces lost facial volume
  2. Improves facial volume
  3. Improves facial balance and harmony
  4. Creates uniform light reflection
  5. Reduces wrinkles
  6. Achieves younger look

Downtime – minimal

Longevity – up to 18 months

Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, the natural hydrating agent of the skin and deeper tissues. Dermal fillers were created 30 years ago and have become increasingly safe and sophisticated. There is a dermal filler for every area of the face and body: cheeks, the jawline, lip surround, lip flesh, marionette lines, forehead and hands. Hyaluronic acid breaks down naturally and gradually.

Hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen so with repeated treatment you may find that you will need less filler or achieve better results. Most fillers are administered with a cannula; a specially designed blunt flexible needle that allows for a pain-free safe administration with natural results and minimal, if any, bruising.

HA fillers can be dissolved using the enzyme Hyaluronidase giving it that extra level of safety.

After the treatment it is advised to avoid sun exposure, excess heat and prolonged soaking for approx 24 hours.

Fillers are best when part of an integrated treatment plan; combination with skin care products for skin health, RF microneedling for skin quality, nourishing mesotherapy for maintenance and Botulinum toxin for upper face lifting will achieve natural, longlasting results.

2. RRS Airbrush gentle dermal filling

RRS is a new generation hyaluronic acid filler that Repairs, Refills and Stimulates. It is a soft solution that is injected with a cannula in a widespread fashion to achieve a fresh look without adding volume to any particular part of the face. It gives volume to the weakest areas particularly the sides of the face, temples, nose to mouth and chin area. In general one syringe of 3ml will treat the upper face and another will deal with the lower face. The results last for about 6 months; top-ups will continue to airbrush the face so that it remains sensibly volumised, lifted and fresh-looking.

3. Collagen stimulating dermal fillers

Lanluma, Radiesse and HarmonyCa.


Volume loss, poor skin quality, sagging face, tired look.

Treatment time – up to 1 hour


  1. Improved facial volume
  2. Reduces facial volume loss
  3. Lifts the face
  4. Creates uniform light reflection
  5. Thickens the skin
  6. Reduce wrinkles
  7. Enhances skin quality
  8. Achieves younger look
  9. Reduces tired look

Downtime – Lanluma – potentially 2 – 3 days of facial tenderness. Use of the Dermalux Tri wave immediately after tends to settle down any swelling and post-procedure discomfort.

Longevity – up to 24-48 months

Collagen stimulating fillers are increasingly popular as time has proven them to be safe and reliable. Most stimulating fillers have been used safely for over 20 years. They are made from medical-grade products that are known to stimulate new collagen, for example calcium hydroxyapatite in Radiesse, Poly-L Lactic acid in Sculptra and Lanluma. Lanluma is a relaunch of Sculptra. These differ from hyaluronic acid fillers in that they last longer. They are technically more complex to administer and the recovery can be a bit more uncomfortable owing to their ability to stimulate collagen. In general the first treatment adds thickness and elasticity to the skin, subsequent treatments add volume. Collagen stimulating fillers are recommended for long-term volume and when generalised volume is required rather than specific areas. Collagen stimulating fillers are good value for money in terms of the degree of volume achieved, and do not give that “filler look”.

They are administered with a cannula for safety. After the treatment it is important to massage the area for a good 10 minutes twice a day to maximise the collagen production. After the treatment your face will be massaged – aim to repeat this level of pressure and discipline to achieve the best results. Because it takes up to three months for collagen to develop and mature, three months massage will give you the best results.

Lanluma can also be used to revolumise the buttocks. The results will be subtle after one treatment (2 x 40mls used) but can be built upon over time. The treatment is recommended for those who do not want a surgical option.

Lanluma’s ability to stimulate new collagen synthesis means that it can also be used in areas where the skin is becoming crepey such as the neck, chest and arms. Ultra-diluted Lanluma is administered with a long cannula to reach most of the areas and create an improved look of the skin.

4. Botulinum toxin


We use the term “Toxin” to describe Botulinum toxin, a prescription-only medicine used to temporarily paralyse muscles, since we are not permitted to advertise POMs.


Frowning, frown lines, excessive facial movement, drooping eyes, tired eyes, horizontal forehead lines, downturned mouth corners. Maintenance of facial structure and balance.

Toxin for the face

By paralysing the depressor muscles in the face (such as the frown, the upper part of the forehead, the upper part of the eye muscles and the mouth corners we can achieve a temporary lift. The face appears more open, serene, more youthful and untroubled. In many people muscle over-activity can cause headaches and migraines; toxin reduces suffering when injected. The results from a facial treatment appear a few days after treatment and last approximately three to four months. With time the muscles of the face can achieve a new harmony so frequently the treatments are needed less often.

Before a treatment we will consider what sort of results you require; natural or perhaps a bit more frozen. The toxin can be used to simply stop frowning, to stop headaches, to open your eyes or as a full face treatment to achieve a lift. It all depends on your requirements, other factors such as volume loss and the working of your facial muscles.
Botulinum toxin is a true anti-ageing treatment that gives both short term and long term results. In the short term the face opens up, lifted, brightened and made to look less angry or severe. In the long term the support structures (skin – fat – elastin – ligaments) are preserved.

Over-use of facial muscles can have a very negative effect – pain, headaches and migraines. Botulinum toxin can reduce or remove the pain and is frequently demanded for this reason alone.

The neck is another important focus for Botulinum toxin. The toxin can reduce the pull of the muscles (platysma) on the neck, thus softening them and allowing the neck tissues to fall back into place, reducing the tension and/or bands that disfigure and distract from a tight jawline. Botulinum toxin can be used in the following areas of the face: Frown, eyes, forehead, downturned mouth corners, neck lines, jawline, chin.


Normally nil

Longevity – face and neck

Initially the treatment lasts about three months but with time it lasts longer and longer as the muscles respond positively to the weakening.

Treatment specifics: Bocouture, Botox, Azzalure, Nuceiva.


  1. Softens muscle function
  2. Rebalances the face
  3. Reduces the frown
  4. Lifts the upper face
  5. Opens the eyes
  6. Reduces crows’ feet
  7. Reduces teeth grinding
  8. Reduces migraines and headaches
  9. Beneficially reshapes the lower face
  10. Prolongs the healthy support of the face
  11. Improves the jawline

5. Botulinum toxin for teeth grinding

The action of other muscles can also be selectively targeted to achieve relaxation. The masseter muscle in the jaw is associated with jaw clenching, over-use, teeth grinding, facial pain and headaches associated with stress. Toxin works well here with long-lasting results and re-education of the stress cycle.

Longevity – teeth clenching

6 – 8 months. Headaches associated with stress. Toxin works well here with long-lasting results.

Libi & Daughters Couture Facial

For those who really want to keep their treatments natural – this is it!! Skin care products that are entirely natural with no chemicals, preservatives, perfumes or stabilisers are used in this magnificent facial created over 250 years ago and handed down from generation to generation; daughter to daughter; skin specialist to dermatologist and now to you.

The products each have their own benefit, proven over the years and ignored or denied by conventional medicine. Their application in a massage that addresses the skin, the circulation, lymphatic drainage, surrounding and support tissues, muscle, bone and fascia results in an experience that is both physical and relaxing. Moreover the treatment is efficient and effective in achieving a cleansing of the skin and improvement of the quality of all the underlying tissues. A real effect will be generated which lasts several days – long enough for you to consider booking another for sustained results.

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