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We treat women and men to create the best possible version of you.
To achieve this, we have the latest anti-ageing facial treatments
and body sculpting techniques.

Dr Elisabeth Dancey

Dr Dancey trained in the UK, France and Belgium and was one of the founders of Cosmetic medicine in the UK (1993).

She introduced electroridopuncture and mesotherapy to the UK. She is the author of "The Cellulite Solution" and has assisted Johnson and Johnson, L'Oreal and Vibrant Medical with various campaigns and product launches.

Dr Dancey is a member of the following associations: British College of Aesthetic Medicine, Primary Care Dermatological Society, British Association of Sclerotherapists BMA, GMC.

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Welcome to Bijoux Medical

Take a deep breath, inhale and look towards a healthy future.

We’ve all learnt so much about ourselves in the last few months and have had the time to reflect on what we really want in life.

Health and wellbeing should now be the key drivers to a new society; a society free from fear, anxiety and pressure. Let’s flourish in this new world and rewrite the rules.

At Bijoux we want to help you achieve the goals of health and wellbeing. Lockdown deprived us of the personal touch, humanity and individuality. Maintaining a sense of “self” has not been easy locked in with minimal access to the outer world. A strong sense of self protects us from outer threats of whatever is thrown at us and gives us the power to carry on.

Our treatments are designed to strengthen your sense of self, heal old injuries, damage and disease. All treatments start with a personal consultation with Dr Elisabeth Dancey or one of our therapists Vicky, Jit or Nicole.

We’ve been upgrading as well - we have a super new treatment for the face, ENDYMED INTENSIF and ENDYMED FSR and a revolutionary new complete body shaping device called TruBody which pairs TruSculpt iD and TruSculpt Flex. Suitable for both men and women, they are great for increasing muscle tone, sculpting and melting fat. The treatment is 100% bespoke and they are adjusted to the individual goals, shape and fitness level in order to strengthen, firm and tone their muscles. Up to 8 areas of the body can simultaneously be targeted, for enhanced body coverage. Areas that can be treated for muscle stimulation include the abs, oblique, bum, thighs, calves, hamstrings, biceps and triceps. Areas that can be treated for fat reduction include the chin, neck, stomach, outer and inner thighs, arms, bra overhang, love handles and knees. Read more in the face and body section.

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    Our Staff

    Sylwia Sokolowska

    Sylwia is our registered manager

    Vicky is our aesthetic practitioner

    Jit Tobin

    Jit is our massage therapist

    Nicole is our aesthetics and micro-pigmentation specialists

    Monica is our social media manager

    Ksenia is our nurse and beauty therapist