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At Bijoux Medical we want the best of you to shine through.

With proven techniques and a soft touch we offer facial and body medical treatments that restore, replenish and revitalise your face and body.

Life takes its toll; age, work and family stresses, life events and excitements. We can prepare you for the excitements of life and soften the effects of age, illness and stress.

Medically supervised treatments are combined to obtain natural results with little discomfort or downtime following a personalised consultation with Dr Elisabeth Dancey and her team.

Overactive facial muscles and habitual expression can create unwanted lines, pull on the tissues, wear away the volume and sometimes create facial pain, migraines and headaches. Toxin is the most frequently prescribed treatment resulting in a softer look, facial lifting, reduced frown, open eyes and a less tired look. Toxin can also be used for jaw clenching. Treating this area can reduce the bulky jawline and protect the teeth. Scraggy necks respond well to tiny droplets of toxin combined with hyaluronic acid in a procedure known as mesotoxin.

The gradual deflation of the face associated with ageing, stress, illness and weight loss can be countered with select fillers; no huge cheeks or big lips but a sophisticated airbrush-like result and lift from a palette of hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm, long-lasting tissue builders and collagen stimulators.

Skin quality responds to mesotherapy, introduced to the UK by Dr Elisabeth Dancey over 30 years ago. Using microscopic pain- and bruise-free nanopass needles a nourishing cocktail of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid is injected into the top layers of the skin to ensure perfect nourishment of the delicate skin cells.


Profhilo is another stimulating treatment destined for the deeper skin tissues. Newer approaches include bio-regenerating therapies; Platelet Rich Plasma or off-the-shelf injectable nucleotides.

Our Dermalux Tri Wave provides high energy visible red light, anti-inflammatory near infra- red light and antibacterial blue light to the skin and can be part of a rejuvenating treatment or just used alone. We add it to every regenerative treatment to maximise results. The Dermalux is also great for muscle relaxation, anti-inflammation and immune stimulation when used on the body, for example after a massage.

Drawing upon dermatological grade natural products without chemicals, stabilisers, perfumes and preservatives we are offering skin care based on ancient wisdom and herbal extracts. These are the Libi & Daughters products created by Dermatologists over six generations and applied using their unique methods of deep cleansing and massage techniques with an immediate yet long-lasting effect. Such ancient recipes and rituals respected the skin microflora; modern science has now proven that the skin flora is critical in the expression of skin health.

Our body care menu includes skin tightening, fat reduction, cellulite reduction, skin recovery and muscle enhancement. From our muscle activity stems blood sugar control, metabolic rate, posture, poise, ease of movement, stamina and self-esteem. Muscle quality is at the heart of our body treatments. Whether an active person or couch potato the muscle enhancing Cutera Tru-Sculpt Flex will aid fat reduction, weight control and counter the deleterious effects of sudden weight loss. The treatment pads applied to the body generate electromagnetic fields which stimulate the muscles to work, tone and develop. Whilst we might tire with formal exercise the device never fatigues so the muscle is constantly and effectively worked for the duration of the treatment in a way that far outperforms our own efforts.

Fat reduction can be safely achieved with our Cutera Radio Frequency (RF) device Tru Sculpt ID without the risk of side-effects seen with systemic drug treatments. Pads are applied to the fatty areas; the treatment feels like a hot stone massage as the temperature reaches the level for fat cell apoptosis – programmed cell death. This treatment takes about 15 minutes and can be combined with the Tru Sculpt Flex muscle reshaping.

Replenish & Revitalise

Dr Elisabeth Dancey introduced mesotherapy to the UK and declared cellulite a medical condition. Thanks to the micron-jet nanopass needles bruising is no longer a factor; new treatment solutions have a CE mark and we can safely reintroduce this longstanding technique either alone or combined with Tru Sculpt or Exilis.

The Exilis RF device is used to tighten the skin of the face and the body. The face treatment is pure RF, a pleasant sensation that requires four sessions over eight weeks. The treatment can be doubled-up to minimise appointments but the results still take three months to show.

With Exilis on the body the RF is combined with ultrasound to deliver the power into the tissues for a deeper result in tightening, toning and fat reduction where necessary. Again four sessions are recommended.

We appreciate that there are times in a woman’s life when extra input is required. Pregnancy, childbirth, interventions, hormonal events including the menopause all directly affect our general health, self-esteem, function and appearance.

Skin tightening, muscle toning and fat reduction is frequently requested after a baby, as is treatment for the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is subject to hormonal changes and weakens with the menopause. Inability to “hold oneself” when laughing, coughing, running or exercising can be a distressing issue. Electromagnetic field muscle treatment from the Emsella Chair is scientifically proven to strengthen the pelvic floor, improve the condition of the tissues and stabilise the low back. This can remove or reduce symptoms of leakage, enhance the quality of life and help avoid surgery. The Emsella chair is easy to use; simply sit upright fully clothed in the chair for 30 minutes and experience the effects of the energy force on the internal muscles. No more Kegel exercises – this device does it for you – and so much stronger.

We also have a RF treatment for the vaginal tissues to strengthen and improve quality of that area. With hormonal changes these delicate tissues can become thin, dry, sensitive and prone to discomfort and infection. With treatment, distressing symptoms in older age can be avoided. This is the Exilis 360 Femme. Using a probe the RF heating current is delivered to the tissues both inside and out in a 30 minute treatment that is intimate but not unpleasant.

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