Pelvic Area

Do all flowers have to fade?

The female genital tract is intricate and sensitive, sensitive to hormone levels, emotions, stress, environment, chemicals, bacteria, yeasts and toxins.

Under conditions of healthy hormones the delicate skin of the vulva and vagina copes with all manner of events and manages itself beautifully. It is hard to imagine any other tissue that undergoes such change throughout the lifetime of a woman and on a monthly basis.

The supporting muscles and ligaments are maintained but also subject to hormonal influences throughout life. Huge demands are placed on the pelvic floor during pregnancy and delivery.

The Emsella Chair will combine Electromagnetic field therapy with the RF energy also increasing blood flow to the area and toning the pelvic musculature.

Emsella chair device

EMF; Electromagnetic field device – a breakthrough in pelvic floor health.

High powered electromagnetic fields force the muscles to contract – even without direct contact. This is the attraction and uniqueness of the Emsella chair; you simply sit on it fully clothed and it delivers the EMF to the muscles of the pelvic floor. You’ll feel the sensation as it works on those deep muscles; muscles that can be hard to work and to sustain a contraction.

The EMF runs for 28 minutes and puts the muscles of the pelvic floor through a work-out that builds, tones and tightens the muscles. The muscles are worked for the whole time without recourse to thinking; there is no choice but for the muscles to respond in a positive way.

Because the EMF naturally increases blood supply, the Emsella device also improves the quality of the vaginal tissues deep within. This is therefore a complementary treatment to the Exilis Femme 360 in terms of vaginal dryness, sensitivity, atrophy and general ageing concerns.

How many treatments do I need?

Six treatments delivered over three weeks is the recommended number although on cases of overweight or particularly poor pelvic floor function eight treatments over four weeks are suggested.

Can this treatment be used by men?

Yes – they, too can suffer from pelvic floor weakness. Men tend to require eight sessions rather than six.

When so I see results?

Results appear after about three months as the tissues respond.


Maintenance treatments may be required every six months to a year; we recommend a refresh treatment after six months.

tru-Sculpt Flex

The abdominal muscles work in tandem with the pelvic floor (in fact the whole body works at its best as a whole rather than in parts). Weak tummy muscles allow the core to sag, putting more pressure on the delicate pelvic floor. Strengthening the tummy muscles with the tru-Sculpt Flex will help with your body shape, metabolic rate and pelvic floor function.

Weight loss

Being overweight puts weight on the pelvic floor. Overweight is a pro-inflammatory state per se; inflammation damages muscles by its ageing effects. Thus by losing excess weight and reducing the levels of inflammation in the body the muscles of the pelvic floor and all over will retain their healthy tone and function.