Dr Elisabeth Dancey introduced mesotherapy to the UK in 1993 for the treatment of cellulite. A whole host of injections were available to reduce the fat component, improve circulation and improve the quality of the underlying skin. 

In the late 1990s radiofrequency (RF) energy rose to the fore as a safe treatment of all types of skin conditions (lax skin, poor circulation, abnormal fatty tissue). Radiofrequency became the gold standard for the treatment of cellulite. We have used RF energy to treat cellulite, skin condition, excess fat and collagen quality, and still do.

Of late we are understanding the pivotal role of hyaluronic acid in quality of skin, hair, fatty tissue and cellulite. Hyaluronic acid technology has enabled a wide variety of injectable solutions aimed at the hair, skin, cellulite and subcutaneous fat reserves to be available to Aesthetic practitioners.

With the availablility of non-bruising nanopass needles mesotherapy is now a painfree, bruise free successful option for cellulite. The treatment can be coupled with the use of our Exilis device for optimum results but can also be a stand-alone for the treatment of the skin changes that are associated with cellulite, ageing and sun exposure.

Many tiny pain-free injections are made into the skin over the area in question. These little bumps may persist for up to 24 hours but do not leave bruises or marks. The treatment is repeated every week or two weeks depending on the severity of the condition. We always follow the injections with the Dermalux Triwave to maximise the results.