Fine stretch marks can respond to a combination of Endymed treatments; the Intensif and FSR. A treatment package can be created according to the severity of the marks. When there is associated skin laxity we can combine the treatment with the Venus RF device; fatty areas combine well with the Coolsculpting device. Stretch marks can be very stubborn and you should be aware that this is a treatment that may take time or not achieve the results that you wish for. However, once they are gone, they’re gone so treatment can be very satisfying.

We are now working with Nicole Zysk ( a Polish-qualified skin therapist. Nicole applies semi-permanent make-up to the stretch marks, matching the paler marks to your skin colour. The agitation by the tattooing needle also helps to regenerate some skin tissue so there is also some shrinkage of the marks. Nicole will tell you how many treatments you need. This depends on the number and severity of stretch marks. Nicole works at Bijoux on a regular basis and is open to new patients.