The results from hair restoration; hair replacement surgery and specialist hair loss treatments can be boosted by platelet rich plasma treatments. PRP treatment for hair far outweighs PRP treatment for the face in terms of medical evidence and popularity.

After hair restoration surgery it is recommended to have three treatments of PRP to maximise the results. Each treatment should be four weeks apart.

For those suffering hair loss, a full medical investigation is worthwhile to ensure that all possibilities are covered. Very often the hair specialist will prescribe creams or medications that improve the outcome of PRP. Hair is a very specialised tissue and is particularly sensitive to stress, nutritional interruption, disease and other factors.

Most doctors who perform PRP are not hair specialists. We refer our clients to Professor Vicky Joliffe for down to earth advice and treatment.

Nutritional support, alternative medical techniques such as homeopathy and acupuncture can add another facet to the treatment and often deal with the underlying cause, such as stress and bereavement.