PRP received a lot of attention a few years ago when stars and celebrities issued photos of themselves covered in blood. “No fillers, no toxin – just my own plasma” was their war cry. With the disappearance of the hype and the passage of time we can assess the real benefits of PRP.

PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma”, referring to the active ingredient. Activated blood plasma is rich in growth factors which, when injected back into the tissues (skin, hair, tendons), can refresh and reactivate the collagen-producing healing cells. Growth factors are small protein messengers and stimulate the growth of any cells when in close contact. Growth factors are produced in response to an injury and are found naturally in the blood cells known as platelets. The value of the treatment is that the platelets (and hence growth factors) can be concentrated and injected directly into a specific treatment area.

The platelets are obtained by taking fresh blood and then separating them in a centrifuge. Many systems are available; some are more effective than others. Once separated, the plasma rich in platelets is injected back into the skin, the hair or any chosen tissue.

The recommended treatment interval is four weeks; three treatments are required as per any skin rejuvenation technique.