The softness of the face is assured by the various layers of tissue overlying the facial bones; the muscles, fascia and fat compartments. The bone and the coverings are all susceptible to effects of age, disease and damage, changing the look and the softness of the face.

The face is made up of several curves which, according to mathematicians thousands of years ago, appear harmonious, natural and beautiful. Attractive timeless proportions satisfy Phi, the equation that describes the relationship between the constituent parts and can be seen in nature (ferns, seashells, emerging leaves, flowers), architecture and art.

Disease, damage, life events and the ageing process can change the facial proportions in a gradual relentless manner. Every layer of the face; the fat, muscles, skin and fascia can be altered by age and disease. Even the underlying bone changes as we go through the decades, affecting the shape and proportions of the face. Such changes make us look sad, old and tired.

Many of our treatments are performed with the intention of halting or attenuating the effects of the disease or ageing process. The new generation of products promise to alter the course of the disease process and enable healing to achieve a truly natural long-lasting result. Just about every procedure that we perform has long term benefits above and beyond the primary intention.