Our History

Dr Elisabeth Dancey has been practising Aesthetic Medicine full time since 1993 and was one of the founder practitioners of the speciality. Returning from her studies in Belgium she noted how much more aware Continental women were of their appearance and how much they were prepared to invest in looking good as well as feeling great. Terms such as “cellulite” were not just tabloid headlines but medical entities that were described and a treatment solution offered.

Combined with her long-term interest in nutrition and well-being Dr Elisabeth returned to the UK and introduced Mesotherapy – an injection-based treatment now widely used in the Aesthetic field.

Her clinic at 55 Wimpole Street grew thanks to unsolicited press and TV coverage. Since those heady days the speciality has grown exponentially thanks to the development of new techniques, products and devices. Dr Elisabeth Dancey has witnessed the development of the market and draws upon her experience to select treatments that have stood the test of time and evidence.

Over the years Dr Elisabeth Dancey has enlarged her treatment offering to create a holistic solution where necessary and/or requested. She has studied homeopathy and obtained her Licentiate in Homeopathy in 2021. She continues to develop her awareness of holistic methods and is currently preparing her submission to the College of Practical Homeopathy in readiness for a further qualification.

55 Wimpole Street

Any advice is given based on her wide understanding of a holistic approach and her own experience in healthy living. She also draws upon her intimate experience of nature. She holds a Diploma in Plants and helps manage her Organically certified farm with her husband, David. She practices yoga, follow a healthy organic diet and, life commitments permitting, manages a reasonable work-life balance.

Dr Elisabeth Dancey enjoys providing natural results and has a light touch and sensitive eye when dealing with her patients. She performs all of the injectable treatments and provides consultation to new patients.

Any expanding clinic cannot function with one sole practitioner. Dr Elisabeth Dancey is now joined by two highly experienced Therapists; Vicky Dorfman and Ksenia Esteves. They bring their own clinical interests to the clinic and widen the opportunities of the clinic.