Each time that we have a treatment we look and feel better – and wow what a feeling that is. It is difficult to live with the inevitable changes in our face as we age; it’s a loss. Because every anatomical structure of the face is affected by ageing and disease practitioners need to address these changes delicately being aware of the need to look normal and healthy, not overfilled or overdone.

Controlling muscle function with botulinum toxin will maintain the upper part of the face and in particular the frown and eye area.

Maintaining the volume of the upper and mid face can be achieved with fillers and until later life fillers can prevent excess sagging of the skin my propping up the facial structure.

The time may come when fillers no longer lift the sagging, ageing face. We know that the skin and the support tissues stretch. This is the time (if not before) to add treatments of a more generalized nature that improve and maintain the integrity of the skin and support tissues, in other words achieve a gentle lift. Any treatment that stimulates new collagen formation, renews old collagen, tightens skin and subcutaneous tissues is beneficial to the ageing face. Peeling, microneedling, RF, PRX-T and RF microneedling (RF delivered through needles) are all recommended as maintenance treatments. They do not alter the proportions of the face but act on the entirety of the face and neck to achieve a generalized freshness, lift and harmony.

These treatments do not give instant, lunch-time results but in the long term are essential to support the action of fillers and botulinum toxin, or indeed to work in their own right to maintain facial harmony. Most of these treatments require three sessions spaced four weeks apart – the magic formula for collagen regeneration.

Read about these specifically in the skin section.