A flawless body would be great but sometimes and somehow we develop moles and other lesions that stick out or look unattractive. Not all lesions are friendly; a year-on-year increase in non-melanoma skin cancer in the UK should make us all check routinely for new moles and growths on the skin.

Dr Elisabeth Dancey is trained in the use of the Dermatoscope, a hand-held microscope-like device that allows the lesions to be viewed in 3D, diagnosed and early treatment commenced.

Most lesions that are not nasty can be removed by shave excision having first numbed the area with local anaesthetic. It is a simple, clean painless procedure and, with a waterproof dressing applied afterwards you may continue normal activities. The lesion is sent to a NHS Histology Consultant for confirmation of diagnosis.

Sunspots and dry areas, once checked with the dermatoscope, can be frozen/cauterized off.

If there is any suspicion that a lesion is not benign then you will be recommended to see your GP s soon as possible.

Some lumps lie deeper in the skin such as fibromas and cysts. Our registration does not allow us to remove these.