Libi & Daughters Couture Facial

Libi & Daughters unique natural non-chemical dermatological skin care

It is possible to create effective skin care using only natural ingredients. Libi and Daughters is a unique brand; their skin care has a history of over 250 years and is based on plant products gathered from deepest Europe, formulated in a laboratory in Hungary and shipped to the UK to be personally prescribed and made for you. The story goes back generations…

The formulae for the skin care products have been handed down from mother to daughter, skin care specialists and Dermatologists. Dr Inna Szalontay is the sixth generation in the series and brings these delightful products to the UK. She has trained the Bijoux Staff in the administration of the products in a facial that begins the journey to healthy skin free of chemicals.

Once you have had the facial you may embark on the treatment protocol that can include ad hoc or regular facials. The facials are so powerful that results are in the medical domain and can be an alternative to those who really want to stay super clean and natural.

All treatments begin with a skin consultation. The treatment is like no other – a manual skin peeling that leaves your skin squeaky clean and ready to receive the nourishing serums and creams. The cream is applied in a massage that includes the face, neck, shoulders and chest, reducing muscle pull on the facial tissues, increasing blood circulation, releasing fascia and improving lymphatic drainage. It’s physical yet deeply relaxing as the layers of stress are removed. The effects are instantly visible and remain for several days; just what the doctor ordered for an unequalled freshness and glow.

The products contain herbal extracts such as chamomile, lavender, yarrow, lemon balm, speedwell, cowslip, mallow, olive oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, charcoal, coconut, chickweed, rosemary and other delightful ingredients found in Nature’s repertory.

They are presented in glass bottles and assembled to order.

We are proud to be the exclusive clinic offering the facials and products.