Since 2007 we have been aware that the face ages in a predictable way and that the fat pockets disintegrate in a certain order. These fat pockets lie deep in the face, almost on the bone, and contribute to the softness described earlier. They also allow the face to reflect light in an even, harmonious way creating an attractive, pleasing look. Fillers can address this fat loss.

Most fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, HA. HA is a simple disaccharide (sugar molecule) which occurs naturally in the body and acts primarily as the hydrating sponge of the body. Our bodies are approx. 70% water; most of this is held by hyaluronic acid. As our levels of HA decrease so does the water held by the body.

The HA used as fillers is made in specialist laboratories and each filler company has their unique technique of creating fillers to suit each area of the face. Fillers are bioengineered to be longlasting (about a year) and flexible (eg for the lips), tough (for the chin) soft (eyes) or lifting for the cheeks. The HA is almost identical to our own HA, save for the few bioengineering changes. To date no evidence exists that this is deleterious to our health. At Bijoux we use fillers with a long safety history such as Juvederm, Teosyal, Restylane and Belotero. We believe that replacing our HA with exogenous HA (fillers) does contribute to long-term health and harmony of the skin and the face.

Fillers can be injected into the face to replace lost volume. The most common sites (in this order) are the cheeks, the sides of the face, temples, the lower face, chin, forehead and eye area.

Filler can be safely injected to provide natural results and achieve a lift. Volume loss translates as sag, excess wrinkles, poor skin texture and lines of expression. We prefer to use a flexible blunt filler cannula thereby minimising the risk of bruising and misplaced injection.

Filler can even be injected into the skin to plump out the skin itself and to add hydration. Juvederm Volite is the product that we like to use.

Since the first noticeable aspect of facial ageing is sagging or a tired look attributable to volume loss, fillers are often recommended as the first line of treatment. Just 2ml can reawaken the face, reduce sag and tiredness and restore a health glow to the face. Sometimes more is needed, usually given over two or three treatments. The gradual approach allows treatment areas to overlap, creating a natural, soft result with no harsh edges, and of course for modification of the treatment plan according to the evolution of the results.