HA fillers normally last about a year. They are degraded slowly by the naturally occurring enzyme hyaluronidase.

HA, being a powerful antioxidant, is degraded by free radicals such as UV light, cigarette smoke, chemicals and stress. We are learning how many free radicals are released by both short-lived and long-standing stressful situations.

There are some people who would benefit from a non-HA filler; a filler that is resistant to free radicals and longer lasting. The long-lasting filler that we use at Bijoux is Radiesse, a filler made from microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite. Radiesse has been use for over twenty years and has an excellent safety record. Once injected, the body makes its own collagen around the microspheres, which themselves gradually dissolve over two years. These calcium microspheres have been used in dentistry for over twenty years.

Radiesse is recommended for people with considerable volume loss and to lift very sunken cheeks. It also works well for the jawline. It provides good, long-lasting results and value for money.

Because Radiesse is a collagen-stimulator it is recommended for skin as it ages and sags. It can renew and refresh tired skin especially in the low face.