About Us

At Bijoux Medical we aim to provide the most natural results using the safest, proven and efficient treatments. We are not just treating the surface; we like to treat the underlying cause, any abnormalities or discrepancies in nutritional, health or lifestyle status.

We all want to look our best, naturally. The techniques that we use are based on firm evidence and science and have been used for many years safely and effectively. People are always asking us for the “newest” techniques. We would prefer to let others try these out before we unleash them on our patients. We have tried most of our treatments on ourselves so are perfectly placed to share our experience.

We like to allow your best features to shine in the most natural way and will provide options of treatments that range from simple, non-invasive up to more invasive treatments such as threads.

Nutrition is a key element to our health and well-being. A healthy diet that respects our requirements and time of life will ensure that we enjoy optimum health and allow us to recover from the knocks and bumps of life. Our mental state also has a powerful bearing on how the body interprets life; grief, loss, trauma and stress play a huge negative role on our physiology. Luckily we have simple, natural methods such as herbal therapy and homeopathy that can deal with these. We can strengthen and help the adrenals, the liver, the immune system and the heart to recover with time-established herbs and other natural remedies. Dr Elisabeth Dancey is trained in homeopathy and can offer remedies for grief, trauma, stress and anger, which may otherwise impair our enjoyment of life.

We are working with Dr Marilyn Glenville, PhD, who has 30 years’ experience in the field of women’s health and nutrition. She is best placed to provide nutritional advice and has created her own range of supplements which we use in the clinic.

Our Staff

Dr Elisabeth Dancey BM MBCAM LF Hom(Med)

Dr Elisabeth Dancey created Bijoux Medical in 2009 but hast been working in the field of aesthetic medicine as an independent practitioner since 1993. Returning to the UK from Belgium where she completed her studies she set up a small clinic in Wimpole Street treating mostly cellulite. These were the days before Botulinum toxin, radiofrequency devices and Hyaluronic acid fillers; Dr Dancey was one of the true pioneers in Aesthetic Medicine. Very quickly her clinic expanded, products became more sophisticated and techniques such as radiofrequency and laser became widely accepted. Aesthetic Medicine is now well established in our lives. What Dr Dancey has now introduced is the combination of different disciplines each supporting one another in terms of results and ethos and creating a holistic approach to the much used term “well-being”.

Dr Dancey’s expertise is providing natural results; that refreshed look, that no-filler filler and that no-treatment treatment. She has a gentle touch and endeavours to provide filler, botox and rejuvenating injections without bruising or leaving a mark. Her areas of enjoyment are fillers and collagen-stimulating fillers along with botulinum toxin and other injectable treatments.

Dr Dancey aims to offer advice on nutrition, stress, homeopathy and lifestyle in order to complement the treatment and maximise results both on the outside and inside. She follows a healthy lifestyle herself and is able to draw from a wide spectrum of disciplines from her many studies.

Ksenia Esteves RGN

Ksenia started her training as a Beauty Therapist but quickly realised her true potential and is now a fully qualified Prescribing Nurse. Ksenia is a highly skilled injector and enjoys regenerative medicine; PRP, Plenyage, Ellanse and Lanluma. Ksenia performs all other treatments including Exilis for the face, body and the Femme 360.

Vicky Dorfman

Vicky has been part of the team for over 20 years. She is studying Nursing to advance her knowledge and enable her to perform more advanced techniques. Vicky is skilled at all our device-based treatments including the Exilis face, body and Femme 360.

Jit Tobin

Another founder member of the team, Jit trained in Thailand, her country of birth. Massage, body therapies and care are in her DNA. Jit performs the Exilis, Libi and daughters facial massage and ensures a smooth running of the clinic.

Rebecca Richards

Rebecca is our receptionist and administrator. She is on hand to take your bookings and answer your questions. A relative newcomer to the world of Medical Aesthetics, Rebecca will always refer your questions to Dr Dancey for the correct answer!! Her friendly face and warm gestures readily overcome her newness to the discipline; her eagerness to run the clinic with a personal touch readily shows through.

Damanjot Kaur Bharij


Damanjot has worked alongside Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD for over 7 years.

Damanjot is very passionate about nutrition and using food as medicine to help lead a healthy and happy life. She enjoys working alongside her patients to set goals and shape their journey.

With a flexible approach, Damanjot works with patients to establish realistic objectives and helps to support them on their unfolding journey. She enjoys trying new recipes and exercising regularly, so she can lead by example and help guide her patients to the best of her ability.